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TLH 19th Anniversary Celebration 

This Year of Amazement was highlighted by TLH celebration of its 19th founding anniversary. The event was attended by all TLH Satellites including delegations from TLH international such as Vallejo California, Canada, Hong Kong and Qatar. Last November 11, 2012 the two part celebration was held first at Bahayang Pag-asa Sports Complex for its worship celebration then followed by various fellowship activities and sports fest.  

Apostle Joseph revealed in his anniversary message that the amazing things of the Lord will continue. He also unfold that 2013, though its not look good for others, it will be great for us being apostolic people. It will be a “Year of Spiritual Expression” for us being The Lord’s Hand. Time for us to express outwardly what God is doing in our spirit inwardly. As fellowship, the workers from different Satellites including International started to express vibrancy by presentation of their cheering with a theme “Spirit Formed”.





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