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Apostolic people are relational and focused disciples. As express by the early church, they were diligent in keeping the apostles’ doctrine, having fellowship, breaking bread and praying. Acts 2:42 states that, “They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”.                                      

The word “Devoted” and “They continued steadfastly” is a phrase that describes the early disciples’ constant focus upon the Kingdom. Despite the great excitement of the hour and the lack of organizational sophistication of the church, they were not distracted by the things that weigh down God’s people today. 

Like an army, they had a singleness of vision and sense of mission to accomplish great things for God.  This is what characterizes the culture of The Lord’s Hand. Every disciple in TLH is devoted and focused to what is important to God. We are heavenly minded and focused more on eternal rather than temporary. We in prioritized our activities around… TRUTHS that would transform us, EVENTS that would gather us, COVENANT MEALS that would connect us and INTERCESSION that would empower us. 

It is expected that TLH disciples are always connected and part of what God is doing. This web site is designed for you to continually be updated every where and any time. No one in TLH must stay as expectator, but always participator and initiator. In this year of Amazement-2012, I believe that God will do tremendous and amazing things to all of us. But on the other hand, it is important that you are the one to amaze God. Let your FAITH amazes God this year, and let it be recorded in these web pages. Bless God always!



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