TLH Karuhatan Celebrates 5th Anniversary 

On the fifth year anniversary of The Lord’s Hand Karuhatan, last January 8, everyone was awe in the spiritual message of Apostle Joseph Apilado. It’s all about the power of the wedding clothes. In Matthew 22:1-14 as a theme verse; It has been exposed the importance of expression through hunger and thirst in the word of God and how would an Apostolic kingdom People carry themselves the identity of being a true servant of Christ.  

The wedding clothes signify HUNGER and THIRST, and the POWER of the wedding clothes reveals through attentive “listening to the Lord”. Apostle Joseph influenced everyone in Karuhatan to discover the VISION, unlocking one’s calling in the kingdom purpose, and become God’s hand for today’s generation.  

As it was declared; “Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed”! (Revelation 16:15) Wearing proper clothes, dignifies: uprightness, that a disciple should possess. Never leave without the wedding clothes, everyday should always be in hunger and thirst… showing passion, integrity and love for the WORD of God. In this way, God will be pleased, showing His supernatural favour and power in an awesome way!

Yes, it’s Year 2012, The Most Important Year We Will Live through Is Finally Exposed! Who we are is the reason of what we do. It’s about the vision going towards the vision. Let everyone rejoice in the name of the Lord because truly, TLH-Karuhatan disciples are God’s chosen servant.  

Karuhatan disciples, ARISE, SHINE living in the supernatural in 2012 the YEAR OF AMAZEMENT!








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