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TLH Vallejo First HAMFEST

It is a great breakthrough in the ministry for TLH Vallejo California as they launch Healing and Miracle Festival (HAMFEST) last March 25, 2012. Ptr. Benedict takes a big step of faith after conceiving the vision of hamfest at Vallejo. As he shared the vision to his workers, they supported it and pray about the hamfest for more than two weeks. After coordinating the event in Manila, they followed the pattern and system of HAMFEST from flyers, healing cards, workers ID’s and T-shirts.

As Ptr. Benedict and Pam sharing what happened on the Hamfest, they highlighted the excitement and the teamwork that transpire during the event. They ministered fifteen (15) person responded on their invitation. The mighty hand of God performs miracle and touch every person who ask prayer. After the event and seeing the respond of those who attended the Hamfest, Ptr. Benedict together with the workers decided to make a follow-up service on the next Sunday on the same venue. They will be sharing about the “Totality of Salvation” which some shows interest when he mentioned about it on his preaching. The pictures they posted here show the marvelous and awesome hand of Lord working.  See more pictures here





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